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Southwest Telecommunications Cooperative (SWTC) is a collaborative organization of 44 public schools , Redwood County Tele-Network, Southern Exposure Tele-Network, Des Moines River Valley Tele-Media, and Southwest/West Central Service Cooperatives. Our focus is on distance learning which is provided through interactive television and wide area data networking.

SWTC covers 12 counties in southwest Minnesota. Our offices and network operations (NOC) center are located in Windom, MN. The NOC provides regional, statewide, national and international videoconferencing capabilities through a network of fiber optic, microwave, and leased digital circuits.

Member schools receive many services relating to distance learning. Southwest Telecommunications Cooperative provides maintenance of ITV connections, studios, and switching centers. SWTC provides ITV class scheduling and distribution of teaching materials such as textbooks and workbooks to member districts.

Each member district is connected to a vast wide area network which provides several types of data access such as inter-district, regional record keeping, finance, payroll, and Internet.

Southwest Telecommunications Cooperative also provides administration services to each of the three tele-media networks.

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